Our company

We provide certified organic products

YAMI FRUITS is BIOGLOBAL G.A.P and GRASP certified. GRASP (Good Agricultural Practice) is not just about products, it is also about people. GRASP was developed to assess best (social) practices on the plantations, addressing specific aspects of workers’ health, safety and welfare.

We also obtained recently  IFS Food Standard – a recognized standard for certifying the safety and quality of food products and production processes, along with ISO 22000. We have implemented an effective management system to control hazards regarding food safety, in order to provide safe final products that meet the food safety requirements agreed upon by customers, consumers and the regulatory authority. We also meet the requirements of European distributors in terms of food quality and safety. This year Yami obtained also BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8.

Ethical trade and corporate social responsibility is very important. Yami Fruits operates in an ethical manner towards all stakeholders, both inside and outside the business.

final certif yami


After carrying out an audit, we obtained IFS certification, which verifies that we have implemented the appropriate measures to comply with the quality and safety requirements of  our products. In this way, we comply with the highest quality standards throughout the entire supply chain.