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Yami Fruits is a Romanian company specialized in the trade of  berries (fresh and frozen) and bananas. We are selecting carefully our fruits producers we work with, so we can assure the best quality, and according to each client’s special requirements. Our main clients are the distribution centers of leading supermarkets all over Romania and EU.

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Razvan Nita
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Managing Partner
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“ The Yami Fruits  farmers are wonderful to deal with, and the produce is amazing. It’s nice to know you can get organic, non-GMO food locally. The selections each week are super fresh and delicious, I have had a wonderful experience! ”

Roxana Young


“This Company has exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and the outstanding quality! Great selection of fruits and other organic products. Staff is super friendly and very attentive.”

Vlad Teodorescu


“We’ve been YAMI Fruits customers for a few years now! The Blueberries & Raspberries  are insanely delicious and very affordable. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Carola Dumitrescu